Rules & Constitution

2020 Rules updated:

• Slander/abuse towards the club, other members, bailiffs, committee or pools will not be tolerated; constructive criticism is acceptable given the discussion doesn’t become nasty and light hearted banter is encouraged.

• Swearing will not be tolerated, we’re a community club with a lot of younger members they hear enough swearing on the streets and they do not need to see it on here, I’m sure everyone can string a sentence together without swearing.

• Racism will not be tolerated regardless of the context and will get you removed from the page/club

• All members must have a valid EA Rod license and a club ticket to fish any of the club waters

• Respect other members, bailiffs and general public.

• Drinking is allowed on the pool, however this must be done in moderation

• Zero tollarance to drug use on any of our waters.

• Minimum 30″ Landing net if targeting carp, please carry an adequate landing net regardless if your fishing for bits, as you never know what’s going to bite.

• No fish to be kept in retention slings for any prolong period of time

• Peanuts/tiger nuts or any other non-biodegradable baits are not

• No rods to be left unattended in the water at any time regardless of the situation.

• Live bait is allowed, however bait must be caught from the pool you are fishing.

• No litter to be left, if you are caught leaving litter on your peg, your membership will be revoked.

• Fish care kits are to be carried and used when appropriate

• Unhooking mats to be used for all carp and larger fish.

• No fish to be left unattended e.g. on mats, slings or with people

• No bad language to be shouted or shouting in general around the pools

• All waters have a 2 Rod Maximum

Fires are strictly prohibited, however BBQ’s are allowed along as they’re kept off the floor.

• No beach casting methods to be used.

• Please keep fish wet at all times, and make sure all mats and slings are wet when weighing/unhooking the fish

• All fish must be returned to the water, fish are not to be removed or moved from pond to pond.

• Motor vehicles (Bikes/Cars/Quads/scooters) are strictly prohibited from all pools (unless disabled or bailiff access to the burley/Big Pool/Canal pool)

• No standing up or carrying fish back to the water’s edge without using a net or weigh sling, this also applies for taking photos.

• No keep nets to be used while night fishing, they are allowed during the day, but only for small fish. (5lb or below)

• Pathways around the pools are private property, and are to treated as such

• Chesterton Community Angling Club accepts no responsibility for parking fines acquired by members who park in the incorrect place (Parking is by the Canal Pool & Hooters Hall Lane)

• Night fishing is allowed on all the pools, Night fishing is for over 18’s only unless accompanied by a full adult member (18+) a night stamp will be required which is an extra £5 a year

• Night Fishing MUST be booked via the The Chairman (Stuart Stockton) 07826542267 in hours (8am-5:30pm)

**********Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in membership removal, as such you will be required to attend a meeting to discuss your actions and put a case forward to gain your membership back, the club reserves the right to remove anyone from the pools/club property at anytime, hostility towards other members/bailiffs will result in the police been contacted and you removed from the club/all waters permanently.**********

Please note, Chesterton Community Angling Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to fishing tackle, cars, persons or any other property however caused.