Afternoon guys,

Following the warm weather and time of year, the fish have decided to start spawning therefore we have took the decision to close The Lymedale Pools (Big Pool & Canal) untill further notice, the other pools are still open, and the current COVID guidelines still apply, however if the fish start showing signs these will be closed also. Just to recap.

  • Lymedale Pools – Closed
  • Burley – Open
  • Four Ponds – Open
  • Keele Boggs – Closed

Please remember to book on via the relevant club official to fish the waters (As per our COVID-19 Guidelines)

Burley – You can reach Stuart Via Facebook Messenger or 07826542267 to seek availability and to book your peg

Four Ponds – You can reach Tim via Facebook Messenger or 07521685592 to seek availability and to book your peg.

Applogies for this but fish safety comes first, any issues, feel free to contact us via Facebook or our Contact Form via the website.

Many Thanks