Four Ponds

Address: Loomer Road, Newcastle ST5 7LB – Click Here to view this pool on Google Maps

The Four Ponds is a lovely natural pool situated in a field on the border of apedale country park. There is a lovely natural border of trees around half of the lake and the other half is open field land, Pegs are kept natural yet maintained to match the scenic views around the lake, Parking is located on the concrete access road down to pool, Please note: You must hold a valid EA Rod Licence and a club membership to fish this water.

Known Species

  • Mirror Carp
  • Common Carp
  • Crucian Carp
  • Gudgeon
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Bream
  • Tench
  • Rudd
  • Pike

Follow Loomer Road down, ultill you come to the “Apedale Community country park” entrance sign, follow the road down the hill and you will see another entrance on the left, Park your vehicle near the barrier off the road and not blocking the barrier. Walk past the side of the barrier heading to the concrete platform, follow the concrete platform up to a small man made foot path onto the grass which is a slight hill area and it will lead you directly onto the pool. – See here on Google Maps

Cheviot close entrance. Drive down cotswold Avenue in knutton following it all the way to the end, turn right down cheviot close. Do not park on the resident parking area. Park right at the bottom of the road near the boulder infront of the big electric pylon please do not block the foot path on the right of the boulder. Alternatively if there is already a vehicle parked there turn your vehicle right and park behind the houses keeping as much ro the left as possible when parking to allow resident vehicles room to pass. Upon exiting your vehicle head back to the footpath by the boulder and walk through onto another foot path. Turn left and follow this foot path, it will lead over a little wooden platform area over the boggy land, the footpath will fork near to the pool take the fork on the left which is grass not gravel to lead you directly on the pool.

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