Rules & Constitution

2023/2024 Rules

• Slander/abuse/vandalism towards the club, property, pools, members, general public or officials will not be tolerated; constructive criticism is acceptable – We’re always open to suggestions!

• The Club is established as a none Profit organization and any income, property or other assets shall be used towards improving the club for it’s members.

• Racism will not be tolerated regardless of the context.

• All members must have a valid EA Rod license and a club ticket to fish any of the club waters.

• Alcohol consumption is allowed on the pools, however this must be done in moderation, if you are deemed incapable due to drink/drugs you will be removed from the pools.

• Zero tolerance to drug use on any of our waters.

• Minimum 30″ Landing net if targeting carp, please carry an adequate landing net regardless, as you never know what’s going to bite.

• No fish to be kept in retention slings for any prolong period of time.

• Weapons of any form (inc air rifles) are strictly prohibited from any club waters

• Peanuts/tiger nuts or any other non-biodegradable baits are not allowed.

• No rods to be left unattended in the water at any time regardless of the situation.

• It is the responsibility of all members to remove litter from around club waters. Litter found in the vicinity of an angler will be deemed theirs and they shall be responsible for removing it from the water.

• Fish care kits are to be carried and used when appropriate.

• Unhooking mats MUST be used for all carp and larger fish.

• No fish to be left unattended e.g. on mats, slings or with people.

• No bad language or shouting around the pools.

• All waters have a 2 Rod Maximum, Rods must be no more that 3 metres apart and are to be kept within your pegs “area/swim”

Fires and BBQ’s strictly prohibited, this is to prevent damage at the pools.

• No beach casting methods to be used.

• Please keep fish wet at all times, and make sure all mats and slings are wet when weighing/unhooking the fish.

All fish must be returned to the water, fish are not to be removed, taken home or moved from pond to pond, ALL our pools are catch and release, anyone caught removing fish will be prosecuted.

• Motor vehicles (Bikes/Cars/Quads/scooters) are strictly prohibited from all pools (unless disabled or bailiff access)

• No standing up or carrying fish back to the water’s edge without using a net or weigh sling, this also applies for taking photos.

• No keep nets to be used while night fishing, they are allowed during the day, but only for small fish. (5lb or below)

• Pathways around the pools are private property, and are to treated as such.

• Members must not allow their documents to be used by any other person to gain access to or use any club facility. Any Member in breach of this rule will be removed from the club

• No branches are to be broken or cut from trees or bushes and no rushes, reeds or other water borne plants are to be cut down or pulled out indiscriminately. Please inform the club officials if a swim is becoming un-fishable/dangerous

• Fishing with a line not connected to a rod is strictly prohibited.

• All types of Lure/Spinner/Crank/Jerk bait may be used as long as it has single hooks (treble hooks are not allowed on spinners etc) wire traces must be used when targeting pike, treble hooks are ok to be used when using dead bait but must be barbless.

• Live bait is allowed, however bait must be caught from the pool you are fishing.

• Members who prefer to stalk fish on club waters must not under any circumstances cast across other anglers swims or attempt to catch fish within what is deemed another person’s peg.

• In the event of any outbreak of disease in the area, Club waters will be closed and members communicated to.

• Chesterton Community Angling Club accepts no responsibility for parking fines acquired by members who park in the incorrect place (Parking is by the Canal Pool grass area & Hooters Hall Lane)

• Night fishing is allowed on The Big Pool, The Canal Pool, The Burley and the Four Ponds, this MUST be booked via the relevent club official in hours (9am – 6pm) Night fishing is for over 18’s only unless accompanied by a full adult member (18+) a night stamp will be required which is an extra £10 a year, night fishing runs from 10am till 10am the next day, Keele Boggs and The Rookery are NOT available for night fishing, please note, a MAXIMUM of a 72 hour sesson is allowed on our pools.


Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in your membership been revoked, as such you will be required to attend a meeting to discuss your actions and put a case forward to gain your membership back, the club reserves the right to remove anyone from the pools/club property at anytime, hostility towards other members/bailiffs will result in the police been contacted and you removed from the club/all waters permanently, Please note, Chesterton Community Angling Club accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury, death, damage to vehicles, persons or any other property however caused, pools can be closed without prior notice should it be deemed necessary, eg; environmental impact, government legislation, legal demands, maintenance or police incidents, no refunds shall be given.

should you require any further information, please use the contact form below.