Angling Trust Update

This is going to be an extremely difficult period for everybody and as anglers we must recognise that we are fortunate that our chosen form of recreation can continue even though there are restrictions on what we can do. The Angling Trust has promoted the huge benefits of fishing on individual health and wellbeing coupled with the importance of reducing pressure on other open spaces by allowing us to continue to safely enjoy the social isolation and peace that fishing brings. It is incumbent on us all to continue to act responsibly and to fish safely, fish locally and respect the fact that we are still in a national lockdown.

How to Fish:
The regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual, the tightening of the rules on ‘gatherings’ means that match fishing or any other organised fishing event is prohibited by law during national lockdowns.

Where to Fish:
The government has recognized that fishing can be seen as exercise, which is expressly permitted under the lockdown rules, although outdoor recreation is not, which means exercise is a lawful reason to leave home, however the exercise is limited to once a day so no overnight fishing is allowed.

Travelling to fish:
To remain within the law you should follow the government’s guidance, and only fish locally within the district (Such as Staffordhire) where you live. If you have no local fishing available then you will have to take your daily exercise in other ways.

How long to fish:
At this time we are only allowing fishing from dawn till 8pm.

Social distancing:
All members are required to keep themselves and equipment to their pegs when fishing a maximum of 1 person per peg unless they are from the same household or your support bubble, people MUST KEEP a minimum of 2 Metres from any other angler or members of the public walking around the pool, all gatherings are banned by law.

Sharing of tackle:
No sharing of fishing tackle or other items under current guidance.

Peg Sharing:
No sharing of fishing positions / pegs except by members of the same household/support bubble

NHS App:
Please use the NHS where possible – Signs are located on the entrances to all pools.

If you have symptoms:
Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow Government advice on testing and self-isolation and DO NOT leave your home.

Pratice good hygine:
Use hand sanitiser before & after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves are recommended.

HANDS – Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds.

FACE – Wear a face covering in an indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.

SPACE – Stay 2 meters apart from people you do not live with where possible

Junior members:
All junior members must be accompanied by a full paying adult and be supervised at all times and are required to stay on their peg and not to run around the pools please have respect for other anglers as everyone’s safety is paramount.

Booking your peg:
All members are required to book your peg the day before prior to attending the pools and fishing, This is the only way we as a club can monitor all people fishing the pools at any given time, we have designated officials for different as follows:

  • Four Ponds:
    Nikita Porter is the dedicated official for this water, you can reach Nikita Via Facebook Messenger or 07542132095 to seek availability and to book your peg
  • Lymedale Pools:
    Nikita Porter is the dedicated official for this water, you can reach Nikita Via Facebook Messenger or 07542132095 to seek availability and to book your peg.
  • Burley Pools:
    Stuart Stockton is the dedicated official for this water, you can reach Stuart Via Facebook Messenger or 07826542267 to seek availability and to book your peg
  • Keele Boggs
    Jason Ikans is the dedicated official for this water, you can reach Jason Via Facebook Messenger or 07496810949 to seek availability and to book your peg

Booking times are 10am til 6pm to allow us time to update for the next days availability, Please note, All members fishing WILL be required to have a valid EA rod license and membership at all times.

wash your hands, DO NOT have visitors unless they’re from your household or your support bubble.